January 2007

Take a look at this video produced by the PMC.  It’s called Threads, and it traces a personal quest to find answers about cancer at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and how riding in the Pan-Mass Challenge bike ride for the Jimmy Fund contributes in the fight against the disease.  It talks about cancer research and how riding the PMC helps not only with fundraising, but helps build a community of those who can and want to help make a difference. As one doctor noted in the piece, if we have to ride two hundred miles on a bike and be uncomfortable for a couple of days after, that’s nothing compared to what a cancer patient is put through.  These people going through the treatments are the heroes;  we’re riding for them.


14635.jpgI sent out a note earlier about another ride coming up in June.  Its called the MS-150 and its a 2-day ride in RI in June.   Fidelity Investments sponsors a team that we can join as individuals and then wear our Phils Phriends shirts for the ride.  Fidelity picks up the cost of the admin fee and provides free lodging.  Your commitment would be $200.  I just finished signing up.

Here’s how you sign up (MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW THESE STEPS!):

Date: June 23 & 24, 2007–celebrating its 20th year!

Mileage: Two options: 150 miles, 175 miles (the 25-mile ride is cancelled this year due to low participation)

Start/Finish:Cranston West High School, Cranston, RI

Overnight: Accommodations provided at Salve Regina University

How can you sign-up as a cyclist?Fidelity Investments will cover the cost of the registration and dorm room fee for you and any non-Fidelity friend or family member who chooses to ride as part of our team. This year, all cyclists are being asked to register online. Here’s how it works:Visit: www.ms150ri.comClick on the “Click Here to Register” linkClick on “Join a Team”Under “Register with an Existing Team,” type in “Team Fidelity”; Team Type is “Corporation”Click “Search for Team” and once the Team Fidelity link comes up, please click “Join”

Enter the Discount Code: Team Fidelity 07 (Please note: if you do not enter this code, you will be asked for credit card information and be charged for dorm room & registration fees).

Once you register online, the MS Society will mail you a packet of information that includes event information and fundraising and training tips. You will also receive your username, which will allow you to fundraise online—this is proven to be the easiest and most effective way to collect donations from family & friends!

scott-img_0023-1-small.JPGFor the past 7 years I have been riding in the Pan Mass Challenge.  I started riding as a way to honor my sister, mother and various family members who have battled cancer. Since my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and died more than 30 years ago, cancer has been an all too common word in our lives.  My sister died at 32 years old. She was an athletic, intelligent and beautiful person inside and out.  A  young parent with a great family and always healthy. You don’t plan for events like this in life, they just happen. The numbers are staggering.

In 2002,  our neighbor Phil Morin was unexpectedly diagnosed with cancer. I decided that I would dedicate my ride to Phil, his wife Mary and their 2 young children Brian and Kelsey. I wanted them to know that the people around them care and they don’t need to be alone during times like these. I approached friends and neighbors and found the support to be very strong. So we put together a team of riders and called it Phil’s Phriends.

Phil never made it to see us ride that year, but before Phil died he shared some things that were important to him in his life.  We put together shirts with some really bright colors and put Phil’s memories on it and became a team. In our first four years, we have raised over $125,000 to support the fight against cancer. I am proud of the efforts this team has made to make a difference in peoples lives.

Phil’sPhriends continues to grow. The support we recieve is amazing. We have a great group of individuals that have a passion and commitment to help others. But, In order to make this all work, we need your help. We’ll continue to pedal and hopefully you will all continue to support Phil’s Phriends. We look forward to seeing you on the road.

All the best!

In August, I will participate in my fifth Pan Mass Challenge. The event has become an important part of my life. In the past several years, I learned that two dear friends and two relatives were diagnosed with cancer (breast, lung, thyroid, and colon). Three lost their lives to the disease. When they first told me they had cancer, I was struck with disbelief. However, when the magnitude of their illness truly sank in, the feeling turned to helplessness. I often wondered what I could do to help them overcome cancer. While their strength was being taken, I struggled for the appropriate words to say, and actions to take.

When I finally heard about the PanMass Challenge, then I knew there was something meaningful I could do to honor them. By joining the PanMass team, I knew I could become one of the tens of thousands of cyclists who call upon their strength to help others. Riding in the PMC is a way to channel physical, mental and emotional energy into something much greater than the athletic accomplishment that is gained by riding up to 192 miles. PMC cyclists use their strength to help those who cannot. With each mile pedaled, the PMC brings researchers closer to finding cures for various types of cancer that affect millions of people each year. Billy Starr said it best when he wrote that a “unified force of people made whole by the belief in a single mission has the ability to improve the human condition.” It is one small step in the direction of finding a cure and eradicating cancer.

The PMC, which began in 1980, is the nation’s oldest and most successful bicycling fundraising event and shows what the determination of each individual can do. The event has been instrumental in helping Dana-Farber Cancer Institute’s clinicians and researchers learn more about cancer and its causes, and to develop new, increasingly effective treatments for this deadly disease.

The Jimmy Fund is a principal fundraising arm of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Named for one of Dr. Farber’s young patients, the Jimmy Fund is widely regarded as New England’s favorite charity with individual and corporate supporters throughout the country. Corporate sponsorship and a vast volunteer network enable the Jimmy Fund to keep operating costs to a minimum. In fact, last year, 99 cents of every dollar raised went to the charity.

I am proud to be a part of this team and that is why I ride!

Click on a name to be taken to their PMC web page.

Richard Barrett

Kristine Biagiotti

Richard Biagiotti

Paul Bohmiller

Linda Busby

Tom Costello

Denise Cyr

Paul Danello

Nick Di Domenico

Pete Lounsbury

Jim Lyons

Jeff Nutting

Michele Pearl

Susan Rohrbach

Jeff Roy

Mike Ryan

Julie Tevis Finn

Debbie Van Vort

Tab Volpe

Caren Weldon

Scott Young

For the last 5 years Phil’s Phriends has participated in the Pan Mass Bike Challenge to raise money for the Jimmy Fund and the fight against cancer. We have a team of dedicated riders who have come together for a common purpose. Each member of our team has their own reasons why they’ve gotten involved in such a worthwhile cause. Each one of us will also tell you that every year we participate we are amazed at the number of individuals that cancer has affected. In addition, we are moved by the support and effort of everyone who continues the fight to make a difference against this all too common disease. Each year we pledge to commit ourselves to doing better, raising more money and getting more people involved. We came together to show support for Phil & Mary Morin in their time of need, the stories we see and hear each year have kept us together and motivate us to do more. We will continue to grow and make a difference in peoples lives. We ask that you help us along the way by continuing to show your financial and moral support that you have so generously done through the years. We promise we’ll make your participation in our mission an enjoyable and rewarding journey. To learn more about the Pan Mass Challenge and Phil’s Phriends please visit The PMC website

One of our team members put together an oustanding slide show of the 2006 ride from Sturbudge to Provincetown. You can view the slideshow by clicking either the picture or here.