scott-img_0023-1-small.JPGFor the past 7 years I have been riding in the Pan Mass Challenge.  I started riding as a way to honor my sister, mother and various family members who have battled cancer. Since my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and died more than 30 years ago, cancer has been an all too common word in our lives.  My sister died at 32 years old. She was an athletic, intelligent and beautiful person inside and out.  A  young parent with a great family and always healthy. You don’t plan for events like this in life, they just happen. The numbers are staggering.

In 2002,  our neighbor Phil Morin was unexpectedly diagnosed with cancer. I decided that I would dedicate my ride to Phil, his wife Mary and their 2 young children Brian and Kelsey. I wanted them to know that the people around them care and they don’t need to be alone during times like these. I approached friends and neighbors and found the support to be very strong. So we put together a team of riders and called it Phil’s Phriends.

Phil never made it to see us ride that year, but before Phil died he shared some things that were important to him in his life.  We put together shirts with some really bright colors and put Phil’s memories on it and became a team. In our first four years, we have raised over $125,000 to support the fight against cancer. I am proud of the efforts this team has made to make a difference in peoples lives.

Phil’sPhriends continues to grow. The support we recieve is amazing. We have a great group of individuals that have a passion and commitment to help others. But, In order to make this all work, we need your help. We’ll continue to pedal and hopefully you will all continue to support Phil’s Phriends. We look forward to seeing you on the road.

All the best!