As the riding season approaches each year, I think of the many reasons for riding. I think of the Phil and the other phriend’s names who adorn my shirt. And when I think of the people and the reasons, inevitably I see a story, a picture, or a show that brings it all back.

This year is no exception.

The weather this weekend was absolutely superb and ideal for a ride. Unfortunately, I didn’t take to the road, but I did receive an e-mail about a story which reinforced why we ride.

A group of Boston ironworkers is building more than just a new cancer treatment center. The ironworkers are sending a powerful message to hundreds of young cancer patients — one name at a time. Each day, the children, many of whom are being treated for aggressive cancers, raise signs in a window with their names written on them for the construction workers to see. “You put your name on a piece of paper and then hold it up to the window and the people will see and then they’ll spray paint your name on,” said 10-year-old Tommy.

The workers paint the names of the children on girders in bright-colored spray paint. The patients watch intently and cheer as the I-beams with their first names painted brightly on them are hoisted into place for a new building; a building that will later be used by Dana-Farber to treat them.

You can view the ABC News report on the story by clicking here.

This is a further reminder that we have miles to go, and that there is an event and a team that is helping us reach a cure.